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Introducing JOAN Room Booking

As your business grows, product or service collections expand and customer base widens, the management of your company and its activities is likely to become more complex. Business owners have a lot to juggle, and with the latest technologies, managing every day proceedings is no doubt becoming a little simpler.

For those with large offices, just one of the many challenges faced is the management of meeting rooms. However, thanks to a handy new digital system, your staff can stop fighting over valuable meeting space and overall office productivity can increase.

About JOAN

JOAN provides all you need to make your office space work better for you. JOAN is essentially a digital door label which is used exclusively for room booking. This unique software has been developed whilst working with some of the largest companies from across the globe. The brand behind JOAN, Visionect, has collaborated with the likes of Dell, The Huffington Post, DreamWorks, Microsoft and Hyundai to create this award winning product, a system that is already a market leader in digital signage.

Using JOAN, businesses can schedule meetings digitally as well as view when a meeting room is booked or available for use. Integration is easy, and no additional software is required to make full use of the JOAN room booking service. JOAN supports the most used calendars, including Google, Office 365, Exchange 2010+ (Outlook) and even iCal, and connects automatically to the calendar you already use for easy booking whatever your preference. Another selling point is that JOAN’s wireless displays have a long battery life of up to three months. Charging reminders are sent via email and displays are USB rechargeable for easy maintenance and maximum efficiency. Hosting is also taken care of thanks to JOAN. The system can easily be integrated with existing hosting providers, handled by the JOAN team or hosted on your own in-house servers.

How is JOAN different?

JOAN provides solutions like no other. For a long time, larger businesses have struggled to strike the right balance when it comes to the management of meeting room schedules, with some even dedicating entire departments to such a task. With JOAN, room booking departments don’t have to exist meaning time and money savings for your company. Unlike other digital room booking products, your office doesn’t have to be uprooted during installation. Instead JOAN is completely wireless and can attach to any surface (including glass) without the need for wires or brackets.

Is JOAN right for my business?

Ideal for businesses with three or more meeting spaces, JOAN delivers a number of plus points for companies of all sizes and niches. As well as selecting the JOAN device option that is right for you (prices start from €299), your office size and your room booking requirements, JOAN solutions can be customised further. JOAN can be personalised with your company logo and can cater to multilingual offices. JOAN speaks a number of languages from English, French, German, Italian and Spanish to Polish, Dutch, Lithuanian, Swedish, Norwegian and even Klingon!